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Following detailed and individualised assessment we offer a range of treatments for snoring.

The assessment stages and treatment options will be discussed at your initial consultation. These will vary depending on the findings and your specific circumstances.

Treatment for: Snoring, Sleep Apnoea, Nasal Problems, Blocked Sinuses

What to expect

You are welcome to book an appointment directly with us or after referral from your doctor or dentist. We will need to liaise with your doctor during assessment and treatment, and will send your own doctor a copy of our report and diagnosis.

We will take a medical history, a history of your snoring and you will receive a specialist initial assessment which may include using a small camera to look at your nose and throat.

We will send you a written report of our findings, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Surgical treatment requiring a general anaesthetic will be provided at the Spire Hospital in Washington by Mr Murray Waldron.


Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS).

The mandibular advancement splint( MAS) is used to gently hold the lower jaw forward in the ‘recovery position’ so that the tongue is held forward. As the tongue is held forward there is less vibration and also the airway is widened.
There are many different appliances available however these are usually fitted by a specialist orthodontist who is trained to fit orthodontic and dentofacial orthopaedic braces. The appliances are only recommended after the initial specialist consultation with Mr Waldron and will require models of the teeth to be taken and checked.

We work with our Specialist Orthodontist Miss Katherine Davies at Oraprime Orthodontics.

At Oraprime Orthodontics they custom fit offer MAS appliances, usually made entirely of metal for longevity. The type of appropriate MAS will depend on the specific snoring problem and the initial diagnosis.

Laser or Diathermy assisted Palatoplasty.
This is undertaken under general anaesthetic as a daycase treatment. The procedure helps widen the back edge of the soft palate and reduce the length of the uvula. There is more discomfort than local anaesthetic palatoplasty but a higher chance of improving snoring. Time will be required to attend and about 7-10 days off work afterwards.

Other procedures to improve the nasal airway.
Nasal blockage can worsen snoring, and treating this can help improve snoring symptoms as well as the benefit to the nasal symptoms themselves. Surgery can be undertaken to the cartilage septum or sidewall of the nose (turbinates) to improve the airway. These are undertaken under general anaesthetic.



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