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What have Judge Judy, Ashely Tisdale, Tom Cruise – yes Tom Cruise, the actress Valerie Bertinelli , Prince Harry ( according to his brother William) and Marilyn Manson all got in common ? Well you might have a clue by the nature of this article – they all admit to snoring. So much so that the Cruise household have invested in a ‘snoratorium’ . Their ‘snoratorium’ is a room built for the snorer to give the rest of the household a good nights sleep, of course. And it’s taking off among the snoratoria in the American celebrity suburbs where, apparently, snoring is discussed regularly.

However, reducing the snoring and improving the sleep of your household does not mean having to but an extension to house for an insulated snoring room – a trip to The Snoring Centre in Whitley Bay may be an easier option and planning permission is not required!

At The Snoring Centre we will check your snoring and discuss options for improvements and treatments to help. It may be a much less disruptive option than having the builders in and moving bedrooms!
So, even if you are considering, or have already, converted the spare room into the ‘snoratorium’ , you may want to see if there are any more portable options to reduce the snoring when you are on holiday , have visitors staying or just want to sleep in your own bedroom!

Mr. Waldron is a Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at Sunderland Royal Hospital. He graduated from Oxford University in 1992. He undertook general surgical training gaining his Fellowship to the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1997 and Fellowship to the Royal College of Surgeons of England in in Otolaryngology in 1998.

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