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One of the primary aims of ARTP Sleep is to promote the highest standards of professional practice.  In this way we contribute to the safety and well-being of the general public. Standards of Care Position Statements are set out to specify minimum standards of professional practice regardless of where or by whom services referred to are delivered.  They apply for delivery

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Snoring Many people will have experienced sleeping with a snorer. In fact, some may even have been driven to the point of hovering menacingly over their partner’s face with a pillow, fully intending to suffocate them with gleeful abandon. However, 41.5% of the UK population snores, which amounts to 15 million snorers – 10.4 million males and 4.5 million females –

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Snorers get a £12,000 bonus: How sufferers of 'obstructive sleep apnoea' can earn a bigger payout in retirement   Every cloud: Years of suffering your partner's snoring could pay off in the end as it has emerged those with obstructive sleep apnoea could earn a lot more in retirement as a result of their condition There could be a silver lining for millions

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What is obstructive sleep apnoea? With Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) an increase in weight or a reduction in muscle tone can trigger the change from a partially blocked airway (snoring) to a completely blocked airway (apnoea). Obstructive sleep apnoea ranges from mild to severe. This is established using an Apnoea/Hypopnoea Index (AHI) which measures the number of apnoeas plus the number of hypoapnoeas. Sleep Apnoea

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Snoring can have a range of health consequences on the person snoring but there is another serious side effect, which is the devastation snoring can cause on relationships. Both parties can become exhausted. The snorer because of the possible effect of their snoring own their own quality of sleep and their partner because of the daytime tiredness brought on by

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For 2012 National Stop Snoring Week Ran 23rd – 27th April. This year during National Stop Snoring Week volunteers endeavoured to stop snoring using remedies and old wives tales from as far back as the early 1800s. They tried the following remedies: Ball in the back of pyjamas Drinking milk Eating horseradish Gargling with garlic Phonetic exercises Rubbing upper lip of snorer Water under the bed Sucking a dummy A

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