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One of the primary aims of ARTP Sleep is to promote the highest standards of professional practice.  In this way we contribute to the safety and well-being of the general public. Standards of Care Position Statements are set out to specify minimum standards of professional practice regardless of where or by whom services referred to are delivered.  They apply for delivery

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Snoring Many people will have experienced sleeping with a snorer. In fact, some may even have been driven to the point of hovering menacingly over their partner’s face with a pillow, fully intending to suffocate them with gleeful abandon. However, 41.5% of the UK population snores, which amounts to 15 million snorers – 10.4 million males and 4.5 million females –

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A new treatment for snoring - which takes just three minutes to carry out under local anaesthetic - may solve the problem for thousands of sufferers. The technique uses radio frequency waves to heat and stiffen the tissue of the soft palate, and can give long-term relief to around half of suitable patients. It works by creating scar tissue, which is much

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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)   Definition obstructive sleep apnoea/hyponea syndrome can be defined as the co-existence of excessive daytime sleepiness and irregular breathing at night repeated collapse of upper airway during sleep causing cessation of breathing despite inspiratory effort obstruction may be complete, with total obstruction of the airway (apnoea) or partial (hypopnoea) causing hypoventilation severity measured using the apnoea/hyponoea index (AHI) Risk factors overweight smoker alcohol sedatives older age group hypothyroidism   Clinical features Nocturnal

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